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To introduce the practice of Zen and to help getting started, Endless Mountain Zendo offers the following beginner's programs:

Beginner's Zazen Instruction at Sunday Zazen Gatherings:

Daily "zazen" (Zen meditation) is the foundation practice of Zen life. Zazen with others inspires and helps stabilize our practice. Some Sundays and some Wednesdays are scheduled for zazen gatherings. First-time beginners are welcome at Sunday Zazen Gatherings, at which time there is zazen instruction, zazen, chanting, kinhin walking Zen, and Dharma talk sometimes. Thereafter, continued attendance on Sundays as well as on Wednesday evenings is also possible. 9:00 – 11:00 am, followed by tea. Open Donation Basket. (Members: Free).

To Attend: Please contact the Zendo for specific dates: endlessmountainzendo@gmail.com

Dates of zazen gatherings are announced by e-mail. To receive notices of events, just let us know that you would like to be added to the EMZ e-list.

Zazen periods at gatherings are approximately 25 minutes, followed by 20 minutes, with a short optional standing break in between. It is also possible to sit through the break, making the whole sitting 45 minutes. Zazen periods are followed by approximately 10 minutes of "kinhin" Zen walking.

What to expect? Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to be seated in the zendo before the period begins, anytime from 30 min. prior to starting time. Come to the house and remove the shoes before coming in. There's a sign-in book. There is a closet for coats. There is a rest room in the house just around the fireplace. The zendo (zazen hall) building is just a few yards away. You will need your shoes again. Then remove shoes in the entry room of the zendo. You are welcome to bring your own cushion or use a cushion, bench, or chair provided in the foyer of the zendo. Enter mindfully and quietly.

What to wear for zazen: Comfortable and loose fitting, non-form clinging clothing in solid, neutral colors, long in length, and with longish sleeves work well. Please do not wear tank tops, shorts, tight pants, or fragrance. The zendo (Zen hall) can be chilly in winter months; dressing in layers is recommended. Slide-on shoes to and from the zendo are helpful.

Intro to Zen Training

An experiential and visceral plunge into guided Zen training for the enthusiastic beginner. The day includes zazen meditation instruction, introduction to Zen practice form and style, 30 min. zazen periods, stretches, outdoor walking Zen, chanting, Dharma Talk, and tea with discussion. 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Suggested Donation: $50. (College Students: $30.) Formal vegetarian lunch included.

Beginner's Zen Classes

From the beginning, our true nature has been open and free. Not so much as a hairsbreadth has separated us from the happiness and contentment we've desired and sought after: The simple fact is, we are the reality we seek. Zazen is a means to investigate this reality in a way that will lead us through the noise and distraction of our everyday experience to recover our natural clarity and the enduring light and peace of our essential heart and mind."

This is a beginner's introductory course in Zen meditation practice and an introduction to Zen Buddhism. Zen practice is mindfulness meditation in daily life, a way of being clear, calm and open in the activites of our lives and relationships. You will build a strong foundation in the practice of seated meditation (zazen), the core of Zen studies. Zen is an ancient practice with a history rich in lore and wisdom; we'll take a look at the lives and inspired teachings of several great masters. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting long pants and sleeved top in solid neutral colors. Zen Practice Syllabus: Zazen posture, breathing, breath counting practice, walking Zen, limbering stretches, physical and psychological obstacles to practice, chanting, bowing, zendo form and protocol, mindfulness in movement, everyday life, continuing the practice.

Suggested Donation: $60.

Work Exchange Weekend
A country work weekend with introduction to Zen Buddhist practice. Zazen meditation instruction, zendo orientation, walking meditation, dawn chanting service, morning and evening zazen, prostrations, work practice, Dharma talk and/or one-on-one Dharma meeting with Genro Sensei, vegetarian meals, and tea. Begins Fri. with supper. Ends Sun. by 3:00 p.m. The weekend is offered on a work exchange basis. Donations are gratefully accepted.

What To Bring for Overnight:
Sleeping bag if you have one, zazen attire such as a formal zazen robe or loose clothing in solid neutral colors, long length, and longish sleeves (the Zendo has a few robes for public use), work clothes for deer tick area, sturdy outdoor shoes and slip-on shoes, raingear, flashlight, and unscented toiletries. No shorts, tank tops, clinging fabrics, or fragrances please. The zendo tends to be chilly in fall/winter. Soap/towels and two blankets provided.

For event registration or information please e-mail: endlessmountainzendo@gmail.com  and send a deposit or full donation amount to Endless Mountain Zendo, 104 Hollow Rd., Stillwater, Pa. 17878.



Endless Mountain Zendo, 104 Hollow Road, Stillwater, PA 17878

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