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Zazen Gatherings:

BEGINNERS WELCOME at Sunday Zazen Gatherings, at which time there is zazen (Zen meditation) instruction. Thereafter attendance at other gathering times is also possible. Daily zazen is the foundation practice of Zen life. Group zazen inspires and helps stabilize our practice. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to be seated in the zendo before the period begins. Open Donation Basket.(Members: Free).

Please contact the Zendo for specific dates.

Dress: For zazen, a formal zazen robe is recommended. Otherwise, wear loose fitting clothing in a solid, neutral color, floor length, and with long sleeves. Please do not wear tank tops, shorts, tight pants, or fragrance. The zendo (zazen hall) can be chilly in winter months. 







8:30 – 10:30 am. (Arrival pre-sit from 30 min. prior.)  Beginners welcome for zazen instruction. Chanting, zazen, and walking Zen. Dharma talk sometimes. Tea afterwards. Vegetarian snack offerings are welcome but not required.

6:30 – 8:30 pm. (Arrival pre-sit from 30 min. prior.)  Chanting, zazen, kinhin walking, and prostrations. Short tea afterwards. 


Please contact us if you would like to attend: endlessmountainzendo@gmail.com or 570-925-5077. Dates of Zazen Gatherings are announced by e-mail or the Facebook page. To receive e-notices of impromptu and scheduled events, please e-mail us and ask to be put on the sangha e-list.

The residents' daily morning and evening zazen schedule is open to those who have attended an initial zazen instruction and cannot make it to the zazen gathering times or would like to intensify their daily practice. Please contact the Zendo for current days and times.

Beginner's Zen:  The Zendo offers a choice of events and zazen instruction for beginning students. Clicking on the Beginner's Zen heading above will take you to the Beginner's Zen page with event descriptions.

One-Day Sittings: .A one-day zazen mini retreat with several periods of zazen, chanting, kinhin walking, prostrations, work practice, Dharma talk and/or Dharma meeting with Genro Sensei, vegetarian lunch, and tea. Full time: 9 am to 5 pm. (Optional prior night arrival: includes supper and evening and dawn zazen with morning service. Part time: 9 am to 12:30 pm, including lunch.

Global Benefit One-Day Sitting:  A global benefit event with the day’s donation going to Oxfam America in support of their work for global relief and development.

One-Month Kessei:  A time to fully immerse in Zen training, through present mindedness in formal practice and daily activities. Kessei dates back from the time of Shakyamuni Buddha and his students, who would settle in one place to practice during the rainy season. The kessei program at Endless Mountain Zendo grows out of a training model based in the Zen monastic tradition. It includes following a daily schedule of zazen, chanting, walking, work practice, tending to practical matters, and one-on-one Dharma meetings with Genro-Sensei. The month includes a one-day sitting and concludes with a weeklong sesshin. Group practice, the support and effort of fellow students, is also a strong element in kessei. Participants engage fully in the daily schedule and program. Full time and part time participation options of a day to a full month.

Sesshin: Literally translates as “to collect the mind,” [into a continuous meditative stream]. A time of seclusion to devote oneself fully to intensive zazen practice. Highly recommended for the serious study of Zen. Participants reside at the zendo, keep silence and follow a rigorous schedule of zazen, along with chanting, prostrations, walking, work practice, Dharma talks, Dharma meetings, and formal vegetarian meals.  Begins on opening night with an informal supper.  Pre-requisite: Prior zazen experience. Sesshin is a worthwhile challenge and doable; a clear and dedicated commitment to complete the sesshin from beginning to end is essential. Weekend, 5-Day, and weeklong sesshin are offered.

Rohatsu Sesshin: The most popular 8-day sesshin of the year, celebrating Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment. Rohatsu offers an exceptionally rigorous schedule of zazen practice. Every evening the formal zazen schedule extends a half hour until 12 am on the 7th night. Rohatsu ends with Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment ceremony and breakfast on the 8th day.

Thanks Giving Food Drive: All are invited to bring canned and packaged food which will be offered to those in need in the local community through the “Bloomsburg Food Cupboard”, which partners with the “Share the Harvest” food drive program at Bloomsburg University.

Work Exchange Weekend: Beginners, Students, and Experienced Practitioners Welcome! A  Zen work practice country weekend with lots of hard (and not so hard) work, dawn morning service chanting, morning and evening zazen, Dharma talks, Dharma meeting with Genro Sensei, and vegetarian meals. Introduction to Zen Buddhist practice and zazen meditation instruction provided for beginners. Begins Friday with supper and ends Sunday afternoon. This event is offered on a work exchange basis. Donations are gratefully accepted.

Obon Floating Lantern Ceremony - Evening of Remembrance: Public & Families Welcome! The Obon Ceremony is a Buddhist evening of remembrance and celebration of deceased friends and family. Vegetarian supper, short zazen, walking meditation, chanting service with calling of the names by participants, painting and floating of lanterns in the night’s stream, and enjoyment of refreshments. If you wish to bring a framed photo of someone who has died, it will be placed on the altar for the ceremony. Vegetarian snack offerings are welcome but not required. Open Donation Basket

New Year's Eve Candlelight Ceremony & Celebration: Public & Families Welcome! Light a candle, strike the outdoor gong and give a shout!  Zazen, walking meditation, Buddhist chanting & candlelight ceremony, New Year's address by Genro. Japanese powdered green tea, sweets, and noodles served. Zazen instruction for beginners. Wear loose pants or long skirt and dress warm for the outdoor winter gong. Vegetarian snack offerings are welcome but not required. Open Donation Basket.

Guest Residency: EMZ offers the opportunity for Zen students to participate in our daily Zen practice schedule, Tuesday mornings to Sunday afternoon, during non-sesshin times. There is an open schedule period from Sunday afternoon through all of Monday. The schedule consists of pre-dawn morning and evening zazen with chanting, and work during the day, with opportunity for Dharma meeting with Genro Sensei. Vegetarian meals are included. Contact the Zendo to participate.

What to Bring for Overnight: Sleeping bag, zazen wear (formal zazen robe or comfortable and loose long pants/skirt in solid neutral color for zazen; there are a few zendo robes available for public use; please avoid tank tops and shorts); weather appropriate outdoor work clothes for deer tick area, rain gear, outdoor shoes and slip-on shoes, flashlight, unscented toiletries. Soap, towels, pillow, and 1 blanket provided.

Event Registration: Call 570-925-5077 or e-mail:  endlessmountainzendo@gmail.com and send a deposit or full donation amount to Endless Mountain Zendo.


  Endless Mountain Zendo, 104 Hollow Road, Stillwater, PA 17878 

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